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Driver Training (Tuition)

Personal driver coaching is provided by Jay Bridger. An accomplished professional driver, Jay is an experienced coach. He has provided training to dozens of drivers both on a personal level as well as as a member of the Lotus Driving Academy.

Learn both how to drive fast and how to respect your machine. (See a reference to his style here ).

Jay can also help you learn how to communicate with team engineers to assure that your car is in top shape and does what you – the driver – want it to. Some of the things the tuition covers are;

  • Track and race day preparation
  • Your lines
  • Braking
  • Weight transfer and driver inputs
  • Race craft
  • Fitness
  • Understanding the car setup, to help improve your feedback

Race Logistics

Getting your car to the track can be a hassle. As part of our team we can handle this for you. Even if you bring your car yourself, we will be there to provide race day mechanical and engineering support.

Race Car Management

You have the car. Now you need the constant development and improvement that will make – and keep it – a winner. Our professional race engineers stand ready to provide you with what you need to accomplish this.

Career Development

If your drive is to advance your racing career, we have the experience and connections to help. From driver training and physical fitness to consultation on your next moves, Bridger Motorsport can be with you every step of the way.

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